"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."

Matthew 25:35a


Childhood hunger is a real and serious problem. Children experiencing food insecurity at home may not eat a complete meal from the time school is dismissed on Friday until they return to school on Monday. Chronically hungry children have things on their mind other than learning. Underperforming in school increases the likelihood of continuing the cycle of poverty.

Praise for Food For Thought

  • "We have a bigger family and it helps a lot! Things are tough money wise, and the backpack food helps us get through. Thank you for all the help!"

  • "Our family greatly appreciates the backpack program! I am currently not working and my wife is disabled and she can't work, so every little bit helps."

  • "The program is greatly appreciated and would like to see it continue. Thank you very much."

  • "This program is greatly appreciated by my family. I am a single mom of two, working two jobs and still have a tight grocery budget to get us through. This food program helps us get through each week. My children feel good bringing food home to help our family. It's exciting looking into the backpack each Friday to see what goodies have arrived and fun to let the kids plan a meal with what we are given. As a family, we sit and eat together and always start with a little prayer, blessing and thanking for the food we have received. This program is a blessing. I hope it continues and someday we can get back on our feet so we can give back to other families who need a little extra help."

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